Friday, November 05, 2004

Let the Motherfucker BURN

It's taken me a few days to resolve myself to the fact that Der Fuhrer and his Fourth Reich have been reelected. When I first heard the news, I'll admit I thought, "I demand a fuckin' recount". I couldn't believe it, I totally denied it. I immediately blamed the Diebold machines and other election fraud, (tinfoil hat on) although it is pretty amazing how suddenly counties in many states across the country, blue and red, are coming out with reports of mysterious "glitches" in electronic voting, favoring shrub by thousands of votes (tinfoil hat off).

Alas, reality finally came crashing down on me and I realized the people have spoken, and WOW, they are dumber than I ever could have imagined. To vote for a smirking chimp (yes, I know I'm being way too kind here) who wants to send our jobs overseas, deny us our overtime pay, bring in slave labor from third world countries to replace us American workers who demand far too much in wages, piss away our social security like he pissed away our glorious budget surplus, send our loved ones to die in a war that serves absolutely no purpose other than to stuff the pockets of Halliburton execs and other Bushco corporate cronies that are eager to get in on the Iraqi "rebuilding" efforts, and to make damn well sure that our civil liberties are taken away one by one in the interest of "Homeland Security" and "Moral Values".

I wept. Is this normally characteristic of me? No, but would you expect anything less from a fragile, weak-kneed, bleeding-heart liberal such as myself? I know I'm not the only one. We (the democrats, liberals, progressives) all shed tears as we began to understand just how much bloodlust, intolerance, greed and hate exists in this once great nation of ours. Can't America see that all We ever wanted was to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance - to not be denied the rights and opportunities to make better lives for ourselves? We have always been eager to give our money and our time to help the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, hell even the successful in their times of need. But where did this get us? The word liberal has been ruthlessly demonized and is now synonymous with Communist and limp-wristed pansy.

Well, GREAT NEWS MEPUBLICANS!!! We know now that we've been continually overstepping our bounds. It's obvious you don't want or need our help, and henceforth, none shall you receive. The way I see it, at least there are two great things that have come out of November 2nd.

1) Bushco and the repugs (and the other thumbless neanderthals that voted them in) hold the reins of everything now, and We can no longer be blamed for anything that happens from here on out.

2) The left is pissed. Pansies no more!! Those of us who have maintained these depraved values of love, peace, tolerance and compassion are done with the lot of you. We will keep these values, but keep them to ourselves and take care of our own.

So, if you voted for this compulsively lying, greedy, murdering piece of unevolved Texas steer manure...

*When your daughter or wife gets impregnated by some psychotic, disease-ridden rapist and she is forced to carry that child to term my response will be, "congratulations on your new little bundle of joy."

*When you unexpectedly lose your job and/or all of your social security benefits and can't afford to put food on your table or clothes on your back I will simply let out a little chuckle.

*When one of your loved ones dies after being drafted into a frivolous war, I will be sure to console you with the fact that "at least gays can't get married".

Are these the words of hate? Nah - I don't think We are capable of that. Just consider it a little bit of that "tuff luv" so many of you are so fond of.

Am I being overdramatic? Probably, but I can admit my mistakes and shortcomings. If your president Shrubya can even scratch the surface on successfully uniting this country again, reenergizing our economy, quelling intolerance nationwide, repairing broken relations with other nations and winning the war on terror, I will be right there rallying behind him and the rest of the repugs. I will eat my words and apologize to every bushista I've ever argued with.

I'm also admittedly a realist though, and I truly believe shrubs will not make an effort to do any of these things. It's pretty apparent he has his own personal agenda that he's already racing to get rolling, and it clearly will not be in my best interest, or yours either.

For those of you who've fought so hard to keep these madmen out of office - I empathize completely. We are a resilient bunch though, and we will get through it.

So now that I've got my marshmallows, LET THE MOTHERFUCKER BURN!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Ok, I don't really have much time before I have to get out and hit the phone banks , so I'll keep this simple. If there is anyone out there that is actually reading this right now, today, Tuesday 11-2-2004, GET OUT AND MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! Even if you have to wait hours, even if you have to brave bad weather. ESPECIALLY if you live in an infamous battleground state. No matter what side of the fence you stand on (or even if you would rather just piss on that fence) - we all have the privilege of electing our officials and, in turn, really can have a voice in how our countries, states, counties, cities, districts function. Our politicians cater to those they feel will vote for them and when they see demographics that are apathetic about voting (young and minorities, f'rinstance), they tend to put them on the back burner. YOU need to let these politicians know that you're out there, you care, and that you have the power to keep them employed ---- AND THEY WILL LISTEN AND FIGHT FOR YOU.

Again, I know this is a pretty simplistic argument, but it's truth --- and this is perhaps one of the most important presidential elections of our time. Get out there and make history, shape your country, and if nothing else have the personal satisfaction of knowing you put forth the effort and did your part. There is nothing that pisses me off more than the idiots who whine and complain about the state of their country, states, cities yet refuse to participate in their development. To paraphrase an old adage, "You only really fail if you never fucking try".