Monday, February 14, 2005

Sawadee Ka

My alarm is set, for 5 o' clock
I can't wait to hear it ring
My bags are packed, completely full
I have lots of stuff to bring
-Dead Milkmen

It's finally here. I've been waiting 28 years to meet my sister and now only a scant 8 hours more before I hop on that plane. Sure I feel excited, but damn, it is exhausting planning for such an event. Although I'm glad I'm tired. Hopefully I'll be able to snooze away most of that 24 hour travel time ( I will be sure to be awake enough to devour some sushi at the Tokyo layover though :) ) Well, I don't care to speculate much on what this excursion is going to be like, except for the obvious joy at being away from work for a month. I've gotten my typhoid and hepatitis vaccinations and a pack of malaria pills, so hopefully I won't fall ill provided I wear enough insect repellent and stay clear of the water. I have tons of film for my new camera (thanks John!), fantastic reading for the flight (thanks Todd!), an actual plane ticket (thanks Mom!), and a wonderful companion to share it all with (thanks Ben!).

Alright I'm spent. Not that I write in this much anyways, but I won't be back until sometime in March.
So until then...