Friday, October 29, 2004


Well I've decided to revert back to a blogger generic skin because I need something that's a tad more malleable and conducive to posting images. Guess I'll have to tweak maggy a bit.

Anyways, WOW, how 'bout this civil war we're having? Seriously, just WTF is going on this country? Partisans pulling guns on eachother (actually I shouldn't say that, I believe it was a Shrub supporter who pulled a gun on a Kerry supporter), voters being challenged weeks before the actual election day (or to be more specific - Shrubya militants insisting on purging thousands of voter registries and their plan to man hundreds of polling stations to determine the eligibility of "select" voters), and finally --- PEOPLE RIPPING DOWN MY DAMN KERRY SIGNS OUT OF MY FRONT YARD!! Yes, this is my beef. About a week ago my block was terrorized and someone (or something perhaps) ripped down all Kerry signs. Bush signs, of course, remain miraculously unscathed. Now, of course it could just be some bored youth having fun on a Wednesday night, breaking curfew and getting "crazy". In which case I'm thoroughly impressed that the kids these days have such seemingly strong political convictions, and not only that, but they also have the focus and determination to repeatedly carry out this "wackiness" every couple weeks. You see, this isn't an isolated incident. I guess that would mean all the ritalin and prozac is really paying off!!! Of course, we did happen to have a storm that night so it could have plausibly been an ACT OF GOD, because we all know that GOD is in the Shrubya's corner. Or, maybe, just maybe, it was the same person who littered my mom's windshield with the "A Vote for Kerry is a vote for SATAN" flier.

Truth be told, I wince everytime I see a Shrub sign, and quietly ponder what the hell possibly compelled someone to stick one in their yard. But that is my personal opinion. And believe it or not I do respect the right of others to have opinions different than mine no matter how ludicrous I feel they are. But I certainly don't respect the antics of these assholes who keep vandalizing our property and stifling our right to free speech.

And since it's apparently the trendy thing to do these days, THIS BLOG FORMALLY ENDORSES JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Skinny Dipping

Ok, this is my first attempt at skinning anything. LaTour's Magdalene is so beautiful and I thought it would make a good backdrop for this weblog, although it's pretty obvious that as of yet I have no idea wtf I'm doing. If you happen to be reading this please bear with the mess and I'll try to improve upon it within the next few days.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ok, here goes v.2

Ok, last evening I was all excited to start writing in this BLOG (btw, I really can't stand this term, but that's for another post) and lo and behold -- my power goes out - for hours. I can't remember the last time my power went out for more than a few seconds. I just hope this isn't some sort of omen. I've always had a difficult time keeping any kind of a journal. I start out with these lofty goals and unbridled enthusiasm, and ultimately within one weeks time I either misplace the journal itself or just lose interest in writing in it.

So, I don't think I will end up misplacing this BLOG, but I am susceptible to losing interest in keeping it up to date. This time I'm going to begin differently, however - take a whole new approach. In virtually every journal I've ever started I begin by saying something to the effect of " I know I am always starting a new journal, but this time I'm going to stick with it... blah blah blah". Well not this time! This time I've abandoned all hope at regular maintenance, and in fact, will strive to post ONLY if I feel I have something important to say (which, believe me, is quite rare). So it begins...a new catalog of wasted time and shattered dreams, and while this is really only for me, I hope you enjoy.